Being the first film I made outside of Maryland, I thought Hollywood Trash (or HT, to you and me) was going to be a challenge. While I was a little out of my comfort zone, people helped me feel very welcome, offering a hand to help run around LA’s streets with a camera. I only have the crew and casts’ help to thank for this fun film. The concept of the film was to clash Hollywood glamour with dirty reality. The approach to production mirrored that, as I particularly wanted an inexpensive camera setup and a shoestring budget. DSLRs were all the craze, and while I didn’t want to give in to them for years, I learned on this project that even the camera choice reflects the soul of the film. I nicknamed the camera “Trashy”, and today it still captures what I seek in film: soul. If that’s not philosophical enough for you...then I’ve got nothing.

                         - Barry

Hollywood Trash Production Photos

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