Founded in 2010 by filmmaker Barry Worthington, Limitless Films, LLC is an award-winning film production studio based in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

     The films of Barry Worthington made through Limitless Films with the teams he has assembled have won over 70 awards, screenings, and honors from over 20 different Film Festivals around the world, including the Mexico International Film Festival, the Canadian Diversity Film Festival, the Delhi Short International Film Festival, the the Directors Awards in Indonesia, the Maryland International Film Festival, the Los Angeles Movie Awards, NewFilmmakers New York, The Best Shorts Competition, The Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, The South Carolina Cultural Film Festival, The Indie Fest, The Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, The SkyFest Film and Script Festival, The Accolade, and others for the films Corrosion (2017), The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus (2016), Tanzanite (2016), Sponge (2014), Hollywood Trash (2013), Kin (2011), and River Haven (2010).

    While Worthington serves many roles on each film including director, writer, editor, cinematographer, actor, producer, and music composer, he also directs, produces, edits, and is cinematographer for select episodes of the PBS program, White House Chronicle. Additionally, Worthington has served as the Festival Director for the FilmCrash Film Festival in Los Angeles, and is an adjunct film/art professor at Howard Community College as well as an adjunct film professor at his Alma Mater of Towson University.

Photo Credit: Marcella Lasslett

Limitless Films, LLC

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The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus