Founded in 2010 by filmmaker Barry Worthington, Limitless Films, LLC is an international award-winning film, television, and media arts production company based in the greater Gaithersburg, Maryland area, in the multiculturally rich community where Worthington first picked up a camera at age six and never stopped. Limitless Films seeks to be “limitless” in pursuing the expression and creation of work, often with collaborative teams, that connects, empowers, and entertains audiences across borders that may resonate compellingly, timelessly, artistically, culturally, socially, and as entertainment. Today, the work of Limitless Films, Barry Worthington, and Collaborators has reached from Gaithersburg High School’s auditorium in 2005 to venues like the Anthology Archives in New York City, to film festivals as far away as India, and to Hollywood icons like the TCL Chinese Theater.

     The films of Barry Worthington made through Limitless Films with the collaborative teams he has assembled have earned over 100 Official Selections, awards, screenings, and honors from Film Festivals and organizations around the world, including the the Delhi Short International Film Festival, the Mexico International Film Festival, the Canadian Diversity Film Festival, the Directors Awards in Indonesia, the Maryland International Film Festival, the First City Film Festival, the Los Angeles Movie Awards, NewFilmmakers New York, the Alexandria Film Festival, The Best Shorts Competition, The Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, The South Carolina Cultural Film Festival, The Indie Fest, The Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, The SkyFest Film and Script Festival, The Accolade, and others for the films Bummer (2018), Corrosion (2017), The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus (2016), Tanzanite (2016), Sponge (2014), Hollywood Trash (2013), Kin (2011), and River Haven (2010).

    While Worthington serves many roles on each film including director, writer, editor, cinematographer, actor, producer, and music composer, he also directs, produces, edits, and is cinematographer for select episodes of the internationally broadcast PBS program, White House Chronicle and other television programming. Additionally, Worthington has served as the Festival Director for the FilmCrash Film Festival in Los Angeles after attending UCLA Extension for a semester in 2013. Since 2014, he has served as an adjunct film professor at his alma mater of Towson University, where in addition to teaching many courses, he has supervised student internships as well as providing professional filmmaking experience to his students, both current and former, alongside collaborators through Limitless Films. Worthington has also served as an adjunct film/art professor at Howard Community College since 2016. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Media and Film from Towson University in 2010 and earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and Electronic Media from American University in 2018.

     Below are the accolades earned by Limitless Films, Barry Worthington, and Collaborators. Please refer to IMDb here for more information, including information regarding the films’ international award-winning collaborators.

Above: Barry Worthington

Photo Credit: Marcella Lasslett

Limitless Films, LLC

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The production studio and works of filmmaker

Barry Worthington.

The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus


Above: Production photo including collaborative team members during Bummer in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Above: Barry Worthington directing Chuma Enwonwu at the Laytonsville Fire Department during production of The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus.

Above: Some of Limitless Films’ collaborators at a screening.

Above: Bummer collaborators during an early production meeting. From left: Marili Mejias playing “Marcia”, Assistant Director Mitra I. Arthur, Cinematographer and Director of Photography Michelle Hernandez, Filmmaker, Writer and Director Barry Worthington, Producer Richie Wenzler, and Hope Perry playing “Michelle”.

Above Left: Promotional image for Bummer from 2018. This is the first of Limitless Films to be officially rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, and earned accolades including awards for Cinematographer Michelle Hernandez and Actress Marili Mejias.

Above Right: Official poster for The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus from 2016. This film earned 45 Official Selections, Awards, and Honors around the world, including screening at 4 film festivals in India: The first of Limitless Films to screen in India.

Below, Left: One of the earliest iterations of Limitless Films name and symbol.

Below, Right: A more recent iteration of the Limitless Films name and symbol. © Barry Worthington